Heavy Duty Concentrated Aluminum Cleaner and Etch BC-7000

BC-7000 metal aluminum cleaner is a super-heavy-duty, amber color liquid cleaner for the heaviest cleaning job. In a dilute form, BC 7000 can also be used to etch aluminum prior to priming or painting.

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Heavy Duty Concentrated Aluminum Cleaner and Etch

Heavy Duty Concentrated Aluminum Cleaner and Etch

BC-7000 is a highly concentrated metal cleaner primarily designed to clean aluminum to promote better adhesion of primers to aluminum surfaces. Spray or wipe on and then rinse with clean water. BC-7000 contains sodium hydroxide as the active ingredient. BC-7000 Aluminium Clear:

  • Good Cleaning – effectively removes heavy soils.
  • Aluminum cleaning and etch – when used 12 ounces cleaner to 1 gallon of water. Stronger mixes up to 50% will etch smooth aluminum better than 10% solutions.
  • Liquid Form – for ease of handling, measuring and mixing.
  • Highly concentrated – for economical use.

How to Use BC-7000 Aluminum Cleaner:

For heavy cleaning, dilute 1 part BC-7000 with 5 parts of water. Apply to surface with a pressure sprayer. Rinse with clean water. For aluminum etch, use 12 – 64 oz BC-7000 to 1 gallon of water. Spray on and let sit for 2-3 minutes but do not allow it to dry on parts. Rinse while BC-7000 mix is still wet. Mix BC-7000 metal cleaner with cool water. Because of the alkaline nature of BC-7000, we recommend protective clothing, rubber gloves, and face shield when using BC-7000.

How to handle and Store BC-7000 Metal Cleaner:

BC-7000 Metal and Aluminum cleaner are for industrial use only. Keep out of reach of children Store in a cool, dry area. This product is freeze-thaw stable but should it freeze, let it thaw at room temperature and mix contents before use. Rust Converter Appearance: Milky in the container. Black when dry. Rust Converter Recommended Topcoats: Superlife 316 DTMR, Steel Tuff-316, Acrylic Topcoat 1010, and Steel Plus epoxies.

BC-7000 Metal Aluminum Cleaner Ordering Information:

Product Number Size
80-7000-01 Gallon
80-7000-05 5 Gallon
80-7000-55 55 Gallon

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Heavy Duty Aluminium Cleaner and Etch BC-7000

Heavy Duty Aluminium Cleaner and Etch BC-7000

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